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Booking the Blairgowrie Pipe Band



Please visit our engagements page to see if the date you would like the band to play is available. The band can play at events at night after playing during the day but only if it is logistically possible. If the date you wish the band  to play is free please contact our Secretary Scott Jewell on with a completed booking form available to download on the Engagements Page. (please note completion of a booking form does not confirm a booking).

The band can play at various events which include:

  • Highland Games
  • Weddings
  • Parades
  • Charity Events

The band have two styles of dress they can preform in. The band has a 2nd dress (Photo 1) which the band plays the majority of their engagements in and a Full dress (Photo 2) which is worn at weddings and special events. Please Note: The cost of the band is increased by a performance in Full dress.

(Photo 1) ©BRDPB                                                        (Photo 2) ©BRDPB

The Cost of the Blairgowrie Pipe Band


The cost of the Blairgowrie, Rattray & District Pipe Band varies depending on the engagement. The cost of the band will increase if they are playing in Full dress. For more infomation about the cost of the band plesase contact the band Secretary Scott Jewell on